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What you should mention about yourself in your Swiss CV

What should you mention under “Personal Information” in your Swiss CV?

This article is basically a list of things to come. A table of contents of future articles. I know, this doesn’t sound very exciting, but if you’re serious about optimizing your Swiss CV, then this is for you.

Can’t do without (= necessary)

  • Your name: Duh, obvious. But watch out, I’ll find plenty of ways to make this simple topic complicated. And that’s a promise 😉
  • Your address: I will write about abbreviations (rte, Str.) and country codes (CH, DE, IT, AT, AU, etc.) vs. plain old text
  • Your phone number: mobile or home phone number? Do you remember what your voicemail message says? And once again: country codes!
  • Your email address: Maria_1981@yahoo.com, OldFashioned@aol.com, pete@mysexyhomepage.ch, moon-flower@hotmail.fr. ‘Nuff said!
  • Day of birth, birthday, age: what’s better? “21.10.1978”, “32 years old” or just zilch?

Like I said, this article is just a teaser (I think I said “table of contents”) of things to come. So watch out for some cool stuff!

Possible, recommended, it depends

  • Place of origin, nationality and type of work permit: now that’s an interesting topic. And it’s pretty tricky on a CV.
  • Marital status: does anybody still care? Well, some employers definitely do. But please don’t write “unmarried” on your CV.
  • Children: they’re cute. Or so I’m told. But why mention them on your CV?

Never mention this in your CV

I’m sure we can come up with plenty of things that should never find their CV to a CV. Let me know something you actually saw on a CV or just the weirdest thing that you can come up with.

What you can do right now

  • Check the “Personal Information” section of your CV to see if you have all the elements mentioned above.
  • If your CV features something that I didn’t mention, then please mention it in the comments
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