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Personal Information section: your address (part 1)

What is the best way to feature your address in your Swiss CV? Here are a few recommendations.

This is part 3 of the "Personal Information in your CV" series.
See also the introduction to the series with the list of topics.

That’s the way we do it

First of all, it’s best to feature addresses the way they’re used in Switzerland, even if you’re living in another country. This way your address will look more familiar to a recruiter.

As an example, here’s the address of World Vision Switzerland:

World Vision Schweiz
Kriesbachstrasse 30
CH-8600 Duebendorf

When in Geneva…

As you may know, the nice people in Geneva like to do things a bit differently. When it comes to addresses, they prefer writing the house number before the street name. Here’s the address of the International Labour Organization:

4 route des Morillons
CH-1211 Geneve 22

However, if you’re sending your job application to different places in Switzerland, including Geneva, then just use the standard method of

[street name] [street number]

This shouldn’t be a problem in Geneva and it will make your life much easier.


Avoid abbreviations in your address. There’s a good chance that the person who receives your job application isn’t familiar with your language or your home country.

Even in Switzerland, where French is one of the national languages, many people don’t know that “rte” is the abbreviation for “route” (road).

In a CV it’s always best to avoid ambiguity. After all, it certainly doesn’t help if the recruiter feels ignorant while reading your CV…

Something you can do right now

Check your address in your CV:

  • Do you use the “Swiss” address format”?
  • Do you use any (avoidable) abbreviations?

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